Hong Kong Guide


Hong Kong lies on the northern edge of the tropic of Cancer. Summer winds from southwest bring in humid tropical air and arctic wind from northeast blows through in winter

Spring (March-April)
The weather is a typically springtime in this period, with unpredictable weather and a wide range of temperatures. This is the rainy season and temperatures and humidity start to rise. Temperatures usually range between 20-30 degrees Celsius.


Summer (May-August)
Summer time in Hong Kong is hot, humid, sunny, with high rainfall and it is a typhoon season. Temperatures are occasionally over 35 degrees Celsius and humidity seldom below 75 percent. Temperatures range from 27-35 degrees Celsius.

Autumn (September-November)
In autumn time, the temperature drops and the weather becomes less humid. Dry monsoon begins and brings clear blue skies during the time. This is a good time to visit and to be outdoors. Typically, temperatures range between 18-26 degrees Celsius.

Winter (December-February)
Winter time in Hong Kong is with fog and rain sometimes, unstable temperature changes from day to day; sometimes the temperature drops to below 10 degree Celsius. Expect temperatures from 10-25 degrees Celsius.